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I believe what happens in day-to-day life can be transferred into the business world, and this weekend was no exception.

As every parent will know, arranging your children’s birthday party is not only expensive, but it can be very stressful too!!

With the cost of a birthday party for twenty-plus kids easily being around £200+, my wife and I decided to look at alternative options.

We booked a local sports hall which offered a bouncy castle, soft play and a variety of sports equipment to entertain the kids. As my daughter loves Paw Patrol (who’s 4-year old doesn’t?), my wife also booked an entertainer, including a visit by one of the Paw Patrol characters, leaving us to sort out the food and party bags.

On the day my wife and I found that instead of enjoying the party with our daughter, we ended up being hosts.  

Ensuring the food was ready, entertainers were being paid and tidying up afterward, our focus was on preparing and hosting the party rather than enjoying it.  

We also argued a lot more than usual too!!

So, what business lessons did I take from this experience?

Let someone with the experience and expertise take the stress out of the situation:

Booking a venue where everything was catered for, would have ensured that not only would we be able to spend more quality time with our daughter, it would definitely have been less stressful too.  

It allows you to focus on what you enjoy doing best

Having someone else host the party would’ve allowed us to focus on our daughter more and better enjoy celebrating the day with her. In business, it allows you to focus on what you do best and enjoy the process more.

Invariably doing it yourself doesn’t always save money

When we broke it down and looked at the costs, we hadn’t saved ourselves that much money. In hindsight, we would’ve preferred to have paid a bit more and have someone else do the hard work for us.

It takes a lot more energy and time than you think

DIY project takes more energy and timing than you planned for. Therefore, paying someone else to do the work for you, you can then utilise your time better, and focus more in your business rather than on your business.

Small support businesses, like Elev8 Creative Marketing, exist to help small business owners reduce their stress, manage their time more effectively, reduce future costs and focus on what they do best, working in their business, not on their business.